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eva dog

Keep it Classy...
or go wild?

Colours and patterns can be kept minimal to imitate the sleek lines of the boat or alternatively colours can be mixed and matched to form something truly unique.

Standard Colours

6mm - Teak on Black​
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6mm - Grey on Black
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pantone colours

Custom Colours

Custom colours can be made to order have a chat to our sales team to discuss your requirements.


Custom Logos

We can Router cut or laser engrave your logos, choosing one method over the other really depends on the complexity of the logo.


barefoot on eva blue

Looks great & feels amazing underfoot

The 6mm dual layers create soft cushioning underfoot.  Make those long days on the water even more enjoyable.

Can I create my own pattern?

We have a wide variety of patterns available to choose from but if you just want your own the yes please let us know our design team can create you something special.

Can I have my boat's logo or name incorporated into the flooring?

Absolutely!  SoftDecks offers the option to incorporate custom logos, names, or designs into the flooring. This allows you to personalise your boat's flooring and showcase your unique branding or individual style. 

Can PrimaDek™ flooring replicate the look and feel of traditional teak?

Yes, PrimaDek™ offers synthetic teak patterns that mimic the appearance and texture of traditional teak wood. These patterns provide the elegant and timeless look of teak without the maintenance requirements. You can enjoy the beauty of teak while benefiting from the durability and low-maintenance features of PrimaDek™ flooring.

Can I combine different colors or patterns within my PrimaDek™ flooring?

Yes, PrimaDek™ offers the flexibility to combine different colours or patterns within your flooring design. This allows you to create unique and customised looks, such as incorporating borders, accents, or intricate designs. Discuss your specific preferences with us today!

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