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Fancy a Weekend Project?

Learn how to template your boat – Template, cut and apply PrimaDek™ with just a few simple tools.

Start by ordering your templating kit >>>

Step 1

Now you have your templating kits your ready to start.  Prepare the boat deck by making sure its clean and clear of debris. Remove any existing flooring or coverings that could interfere with the template process.

Step 2

Lay the clear plastic flat over the boat deck and secure it with tape. With the marker and ruler draw your contour lines where you would like the pad to end. 

Mark the direction of the bow & Stern with a double headed arrow and label.  

Download worksheet here. 

Number the piece according to work sheet and photograph in place. 

Remove your template and trim one inch around the edge of your contour line.

Step 3

Now send us your templates and photographs and we’ll create a CAD outline.

Once the outline is complete our graphic designer will contact you to create the perfect deck.

Once your happy with the design we are ready to start production and ship it directly to your door.


Don't fancy the DIY Option?
Leave it with us!

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How Long does it take to install?

We will need to scan the boat, draw up the template, get artwork approval, machine all the pads and then install.  Normal runtime for this is about 2-3 days

How Long will it last?

Treat it well and PrimaDek™ could last 8+ years.  We have a range of cleaning products available that will help it stand the test of time.

Is there a Warranty?

Yes, all PrimaDek™ installs come with a 3 year product guarantee full details found here.

Can you scan at boats location?

If the boat is in a covered area away from and rain, wind or direct sunlight then yes, let us know if thats what you prefer, otherwise drop it off at our workshop.  If your boats not trailerable let us know we will find a way.

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