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Get ready for the Install!

So your new deck has arrived. You will now learn how to install EVA flooring on your boat.

Step 1

Prepare the boat deck by making sure its hoovered & washed with soap and fresh water.

Leave to dry.


Step 2

Safety first – Always read manufacturers instructions and correct PPE for any chemicals you may use.

Acetone is what we use on almost all boat floors to remove oils and grease that remain after wash. Test acetone on a small discrete section of your floor before proceeding.

Wet rag with acetone and wipe down all surfaces. 

Tip – Don’t let acetone soaked rags lay on any surface as it can melt plastics and other materials.

Step 3

Your boat is now clean and ready for install.

Lay all your pieces in their finished positions and tape in place.

Tip – Double check all you pads are the correct direction and teak lines are all aligned.


Step 4

Use your knees or heavy weights to fold up half of the pad.

Score the backing paper with a sharp blade.

Remove the backing paper and roll the pad onto surface ensuring no air pockets are forming and pad remains in correct alignment.

Tip – If you are starting to veer off-line > The material will allow a small stretch, simply steer it back into correct alignment.


Step 5

You now have your pads in place, give yourself a pat on the back.

This is now the easy part – Roll out the floor if you have a roller.  If not step all over it and feel for air bubbles.  If you get a bubble you can use a sharp knife point to release the air.

Use your fingers and squeeze all edges down to the boat.

Thats it! Take a few instagram photos and tag #Softdecks #Primadek


Don't fancy the DIY Option?
Leave it with us!

Unit 3 Skeoge Industrial Park, Derry, N.Ireland

How Long does it take to install?

We will need to scan the boat, draw up the template, get artwork approval, machine all the pads and then install.  Normal runtime for this is about 2-3 days

How Long will it last?

Treat it well and PrimaDek™ could last 8+ years.  We have a range of cleaning products available that will help it stand the test of time.

Is there a Warranty?

Yes, all PrimaDek™ installs come with a 3 year product guarantee full details found here.

Can you scan at boats location?

If the boat is in a covered area away from and rain, wind or direct sunlight then yes, let us know if thats what you prefer, otherwise drop it off at our workshop.  If your boats not trailerable let us know we will find a way.

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