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Level up your Fishing Game with PrimaDek™

Its got the lot!  Non Slip, Style and Comfort

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Superior Traction for Perfect Casting

Say goodbye to slippery decks that compromise your footing. PrimaDek™ boasts an unrivalled non-skid surface, providing you with the stability and confidence to cast your line.

How we deck your fishing boat

Whatever vision you have for your fishing boat we can make it happen.


Templating the deck

Using state-of-the-art technology and expertise, we digitally capture the exact dimensions and contours of your boat's deck.


Graphic Design CAD

SoftDecks offers a comprehensive CAD (Computer-Aided Design) service that brings your creative visions to life.


CNC Machining

Our skilled technicians ensure the highest quality standards and attention to detail in every cut.

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Pro Installation

SoftDecks is committed to delivering a seamless and hassle-free experience when it comes to installing your EVA marine decking.

Fish logos and rulers

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Your fishing boat is an extension of you. With PrimaDek™ you have the freedom to customise your flooring to match your unique style. 

Fish from the best!


Its got the best traction in the game! No time to slip and slide when fishing

Fish Rulers

Get a ruler engraved into your deck for those instagram shots

No Blood Stains

PrimaDek™ is non absorbent material wash blood of with ease

No Smells

PrimaDek™ is a closed cell foam, meaning no smells embed

Products for your fishing boat


Custom Welcome Mats

6mm - Dual Layer PrimaDek™ Self Install: Easy

Lure Pads

6mm - Dual Layer PrimaDek™ Self Install: Easy

Fish Ruler

6mm - Dual Layer PrimaDek™ Self Install: Easy

Boat Decals

Black Marine Grade Vinyl - Ready to Install

Get Hooked on PrimaDek™

The Ultimate in Fishing Performance

How Long does it take to install?

We will need to scan the boat, draw up the template, get artwork approval, machine all the pads and then install.  Normal runtime for this is about 2-3 days

How Long will it last?

Treat it well and PrimaDek™ could last 8+ years.  We have a range of cleaning products available that will help it stand the test of time.

Is there a Warranty?

Yes, all PrimaDek™ installs come with a 2 year limited warranty full details found here.

Can you scan at boats location?

If the boat is in a covered area away from and rain, wind or direct sunlight then yes, let us know if thats what you prefer, otherwise drop it off at our workshop.  If your boats not trailerable let us know we will find a way.

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